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Elgin Pumas started with two teams playing in a youth league. In 1991, it became a soccer club

as a non-profit organization. Later on, in 1998, Elgin Pumas Soccer Club joined the NISL. We

currently have 18 teams competing in the league. In 2005, we joined the Boys Chicago Premier

League. We have won Championships and got a spot in the Boys Chicago Championship

League. We are currently competing with 6 teams in the league. EPSC has been in International

and National Tournaments, winning Championships with our U13 team and U14 team, as well

as, Regionals with our U14 team. We have built good relationships with different organizations

within Elgin and in other countries. We have a youth soccer structure that will support and feed

players to the men’s team in the future. We have produced many players that go off and play

NCAA division 1, 2, and 3 / NAIA. Our goal is to compete in the Premier League of America in

a professional manner.

 Mission Statement

The Elgin Pumas Soccer Club, is a grassroots organization that exists to provide Elgin area youth

and their families the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer, as well as, learn the skills

necessary to become healthy, drug free citizens. In addition, it allows them to grow as

individuals by incorporating life skills training for both youth and their parents into our club


General Statement

EPSC_ Isologo EPSC.png

Throughout the years, Elgin Pumas has been growing and coaching enthusiastic players to

develop impressive skills. Elgin Pumas gives kids the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer

and grow as individuals. Since the club was founded, our ideal has been to expand our horizons

and enhance kids to become healthy and productive adults. Playing in the PLA will be

substantial because it will take our teams to compete in higher levels. Our teams, as well as, our

fans have been eagerly waiting for a chance to take part of something greater. We are committed

and ready to launch into this new phase of our club.

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